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. more than 100 were hurt in the blast. police said the fbi will lead the investigation. there are no suspects. we have team coverage for you in the aftermath. from security changes to the first-person accounts of the tragedy, we we will have it all for you. let's start where it started. >> i can tell view there is an eerie feeling in boston tonight. we were driving through the streets a long time ago. not a lot of people are out. a lot of people are inside this evening. i want to show you where i am. it was a few blocks that play on boylston street where the bombs went off. injured.people the town is in shock. people say no one could have possibly seen this coming. >> something just blew up. chaos a rough did monday afternoon at the finish line of the boston marathon when an 13 secondsollowed later by another explosion 100 yards away. like fire. it looks like a fireball. >> authorities say more than 130 people were injured in the when twoee were killed apparent bombs ripped through a crowded sidewalk packed with runners, families, and fans. i saw the flash of the fire a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1